Our Expertise

We are in the business of transformation, known for our focus on and commitment to achieving results. We combine strategy, technology and management consulting expertise to help organisations succeed.

 With Cosmic Tech as your AWS Partner, our cloud engineers can help you get the best possible results from the comprehensive range of cloud services the platform has to offer.

Microsoft Azure is a collection of integrated cloud services that work perfectly with other Microsoft solutions. With Cosmic Tech as your Azure Partner, you can leverage all of Microsoft’s cloud technology to achieve more for less.

Our services

We do a lot at Cosmic Tech. Here’s how we can help:

Cloud Security

Customize security policies across your business units and receive proactive notifications on potential security risks.Benchmark against cloud security and compliance standards, and get recommendations to remediate any issues.

Cloud Cost Optimization

With Cosmic Tech Optimisation Services, you can gain full visibility and control over the public cloud — using services that typically fund themselves and deliver a significant return on investment.

Cloud Managed Services

Uncover hidden cloud costs and monitor increases in resource spend with over a year of historical data at your fingertips.Customize automated policies to identify immediate cost saving opportunities and take corrective action.


Cosmic Tech DevOps tools accelerate application release by improving team coordination, planning, and execution—speeding your time to market for new applications.

Migrate to public Cloud

As a Select Consulting Partner for AWS we can help determine the right path for your migration. Our team of experts are here to help you build, deploy, scale, and manage Microsoft applications quickly and cost-effectively on AWS.

AWS Well Architected

Well-architected systems provide a strategic advantage and increase success. To help ensure your architecture stacks up, we apply a set of best practices for reviewing critical workloads running on AWS – the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

Bringing your business forward

We strive to give expert advice and support based on our Cloud and DevOps expertise, as well as communicate facts to our customers.
At Cosmic Tech, we work with Businesses and business owners to understand their strategic objectives right from Customer engagement, Go to market, Cost reduction, New products or Adopting innovation. We would then work with your IT and Business teams to deploy proven processes, methods and tools that will help deliver your organisational goals by moving to the Cloud.
We also understand the need for faster Go-To-Market and your ever changing customer profiles that is driving a greater need for agility in terms of faster go to market with new services. Where your customer needs are changing so rapidly, it is critical to make new and innovative features available to customers on a continuous basis. We work with businesses to get these changes faster to their customers through Automation and Tools.

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