Cloud Security

Intelligent security starts at the Edge

The perimeter is becoming increasingly difficult to enforce. That’s why the Cosmic Tech intelligent edge security platform surrounds and protects your entire architecture — core, cloud, and edge — to thwart attackers and mitigate threats wherever they emerge.

Automate Secure Workloads to Minimize Your Attack Surface

Automated enforcement of security policies at the time of provisioning greatly reduces the attack surface on cloud workloads. The Cosmic Tech's policy engine creates proactive guardrails around cloud usage to ensure the right neworks, security groups, and tags are used.

Access Controls for the Modern Enterprise

Identity-based permissions and self-service portals prevent teams from making dangerous choices and keep your cloud and users safe from each other. We will enforce detailed access policies that determine what users can see and do once they have access to a cloud environment. With these policies, different users will only have access to the resources they need based on their identity and permissions.

Simplify Audit Reporting

Cosmic Tech keeps extensive and centralized audit logs which document user actions, automation, system events, and more. This makes reporting for security and compliance audits more accessible, and increases accountability of cloud users in your organization.

Customisable Compliance Policies

Compliance policies should match the standards and purposes of each environment or business unit which they govern. Our model empowers enterprises to create global compliance policies while distributing more fine-grained policies to the division, or team, and environment. This distributes cloud governance across the enterprise.

Cosmic Tech delivers Operational Intelligence

If you’re looking for security and operational visibility across your AWS environment – including applications, infrastructure and AWS services such as CloudTrail, Config, VPC Flow Logs, and more – then CosmicTech is the right solution for you. Organizations of all sizes leverage Cosmic Tech visibility with AWS agility to rapidly troubleshoot applications, ensure security and compliance, and monitor business-critical services in real-time.CosmicTech makes it easy to gain end-to-end visibility across your AWS and hybrid environment. Whether you’re managing applications, infrastructure or a security operations center in the cloud, Cosmic Tech delivers Operational Intelligence for a real-time understanding of what’s happening across your business and IT so you can make informed decisions.

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