DevOps and Docker Cosmic Tech Does for Data What Docker Does for Compute

The Challenge with Docker

Docker has revolutionized development and DevOps with the ability to containerize applications, enabling them to run reliably in different environments. For all of the benefits that Docker provides, it is challenged with providing persistent storage across locations.


Data Mobility

Lack of persistent storage across locations can severely limit continuous integration/continuous development (CI/CD).

Global Registry Management

Globally distributed development teams cannot share a local private registry, creating islands of deployments and delays in development.

Cosmic Tech Makes Data Persistent, Mobile, and Globally Accessible

With Cosmic Tech , DevOps professionals can confidently move and deploy containers in any cloud and any location leveraging persistent and mobile storage for Docker. In addition, customers can securely deploy global, private registries by pushing the container image to the Docker Registry once, and automatically distributing it globally.

Global Namespace

Our universal file directory uniquely eliminates storage islands while reducing cost and complexity.


Real-time metadata synchronization keeps files constantly synchronized, making data persistent and mobile.

Global Locking

Distributed file and byte-range locking make it possible for data to be consistently available globally.


Encryption, both for data at rest and data in transit, delivers the highest level of cloud data protection.

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