Telegraph Media Group CIO Chris Taylor on why the newspaper publisher is switching out AWS to go all-in on the Google Cloud Platform

Telegraph Media Group is switching its public cloud alliance from Amazon to Google to support its goal of getting one million paid subscribers signed up to its digital news products and services.

Work on the 160-plus-year-old newspaper publisher’s public cloud switchover began at the start of 2019, and is on course for completion in the middle of this year, its CIO, Chris Taylor, told Computer Weekly.

“From an infrastructure point of view, we were pretty much, for years, all-in on AWS [Amazon Web Services], and Amazon is a fine organisation and we continue to enjoy a rich and varied partnership with it on lots of different levels,” said Taylor.

AWS vs Google vs Microsoft: Competition concerns fuel retail war between the big cloud three

The retail market is no slouch when it comes to adopting cloud technologies, but competitive concerns appear to be influencing the cloud-buying decisions of some

The company pointed to a ‘longer lead time’ for some of the features in the far-off upgrade, which isn’t expected to arrive until the spring of 2020.

Multi-vector attacks target cloud-hosted technologies

Securonix report outlines the threat posed by automated multi-vector, multi-platform attacks against cloud infrastructure.The push to move everything into the cloud over the past several years has generated a large number of misconfigured and exposed deployments of various software stacks. This has attracted sophisticated attacks that destroy data or abuse server resources for cryptocurrency mining.

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IT Priorities 2019: Cloud migrations emerge as top investment area for IT decision-makers

This year’s Computer Weekly/TechTarget IT Priorities research shows a growing appetite among UK IT leaders to move more of their IT estate and applications to the cloud

Enterprise Mobility Suite

The rapid growth of enterprise apps and complexity to protect company data has changed the way companies implement easy-to-use identity and devices solutions.

Infrastructure for every business

Microsoft Azure is a collection of integrated cloud services that work perfectly with other Microsoft solutions.

How to deliver real-world Cyber Resilience

Being prepared for a cybersecurity attack is not the same as being resilient to one. To protect our most valuable assets against an ever-growing number of threats

6 Cs of DevOps

Here are the 6 Cs of #DevOps.
1. Continuous Business Planning

This starts with identifying the skills, outcomes, and resources needed.
2. Collaborative Development

This starts with development sketch plan and programming.
3. Continuous Testing

Unit and integration testing help increase the efficiency and speed of the development.
4. Continuous Release and #Deployment

A nonstop CD pipeline will help you implement code reviews and developer check-ins easily.
5. Continuous Monitoring

This is needed to monitor changes and address errors and mistakes spontaneously whenever they happen.
6. Customer Feedback and Optimization

This allows for an immediate response from your customers for your product and its features and helps you modify accordingly.

Taking care of these six stages will make you a good DevOps organization. This is not a must-have model but it is one of the more sophisticated models. This will give you a fair idea on the tools to use at different stages to make this process more lucrative for a software-powered organization.

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